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  Address: 8600 Keele Street, Unit-18,Concord, ON, L4K 4H8, Canada
  Phone: (905)660-7077
  Fax : (905) 660-7085
  We can apply water-based coatings to a wide variety of common and unique materials including paper, foil, foam, fabric, felt and rubber, in widths up to 60".
Such coatings include pressure-sensitive adhesives, heat and cold seals, and top coatings and can be applied to a wide range of coat weights, either full web or in a specific linear pattern to meet your requirements.
  Our coating capabilities include:  
  • Gravure Roll Coater
  • Meyer Rod Coater
  • Coating Widths 15” to 60”
  We can laminate all standard and custom constructions, comprising single or multiple layers, and using pressure-sensitive or non-pressure-sensitive coatings.  
  Corona Treating  
  Corona treatment is a process of increasing the surface tension of any material to make it more receptive to inks, coatings and adhesives. We can corona-treat most substrates to any desired dyne level to suit your individual purpose.  
  With our choice of three slitters, we can slit paper, film, foil, foam or fabric to widths ranging from 1.5" to 60".  
  Product Development  
  With over 70 years of combined coating and slitting experience, backed by our in-house laboratory, we welcome the opportunity to develop unique products to meet the needs of your new application, whether it be a double-sided (mounting) tape, double-faced foam, re-inforced construction, pattern coating or any other more exotic design.  
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