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  Address: 8600 Keele Street, Unit-18,Concord, ON, L4K 4H8, Canada
  Phone: (905)660-7077
  Fax : (905) 660-7085
  Our operations started as a separate entity in 2004, bringing with us a collective experience of 70 years in the coating industry.

We are in the business of coating, converting and manufacturing of pressure sensitive materials which are used by various industries and firms under Government and private sectors. Our products are being sold throughout Canada and the United States.

Our products could range from labels for consumer packaging, mailing, and identification to laminations for baggage tags, protecting documents, and vinyl signage applications for trucks, buses and billboards.  We supply bonding materials for industrial purposes, conductive printing material like thermal/fax and heat transfer papers. We supply tamperproof transit tickets that are used for various transportation services throughout Ontario and Quebec.
  We cater to the label needs of a variety of industries like:  
  • food industry
  • anti-theft and electronic articles surveillance
  • educational institutes
  • automotive industry
  • airlines
  • advertising industry
  • personal care
  • printing industry
  • digital imaging
  • medical and pharmaceutical industry
  • transportation industry
  Arctic Coatings are under both the U.S. and Canadian patents, as we are a licensed manufacturer for the Airline Baggage tag material. Our firm provides to the government’s needs as well, details of which are kept under tight confidentiality.

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and product quality while providing custom coating solutions and encourage new innovative ideas.
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